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KenTec Associates encourages independent software developers to increase their software sales, and have their software marketed by software sales professionals. KenTec Associates recommends independent software programmers , who write their own software programs but are unable to effectively market them, to contact us ([email protected]) to obtain more information about how we can help you increase the sales of your software program. Let us Sell Your Software for you.

KenTec Associates is committed to selling quality, marketable software created by independent software vendors . KenTec Associates will provide the marketing and sales expertise, allowing the independent software developer to focus on their own business.

KenTec Associates provides sales and marketing services to independent software developers , for their products. We utilize a variety of sales channels, including niche targeting, loyalty programs and software sales online.

KenTec Associates brings to market products and services that would otherwise have only limited sales. Consider your prime skill. Is it selling? If you're a developer, then it is likely that is your prime skill. The prime skill of Kentec Associates is selling. We can increase your sales through professional software marketing programs, to help you reach your sales targets.

Tired of the freeware, shareware, giving-it-away concepts, where your earliest releases keep reappearing long after new releases? Getting frustrated with the single sale concept? Looking for those bulkier sales contracts? KenTec Associates helps independent software developers bring to market the products they create.

Contact us now and let us help you increase your software program sales! Just complete the form below.

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Customer Service Vision

The customer is always right . We have only their best interests at heart. We stand by our sales. We have integrity, we are forthright and honest, and we sell only excellent products, and offer excellent service. We will not sell a product that the customer does not need.

We will comply with appropriate regulatory requirements for sales in the countries in which we operate, and will ensure that our staff is informed of this requirement.

Questions about our products or services: [email protected]

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…Bringing you distinctive software from around the world.


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