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KenTec Associates is now offering gardening administration software.

The developers of this software program make it much easier for hobby gardeners to keep track of their plants and their requirements (watering, fertilizers, sun/shade, etc.). Additionally, this software program has the built-in resources to allow gardening enthusiasts to improve their gardening skills, enhancing their gardening experience.

The Garden Management System gardening software was developed to help you:

  • Store characteristics of all plant material implemented in your garden
  • Enable the reporting of activities by area of the garden, or by plant
  • Provide a gardening journal, by plant, for any activities or notes per plant type
  • Provide a gardening journal for a major area of the garden
  • Provide a means of relating listed materials to a garden plan
  • Post photographs

    The Garden Management System

    KenTec Associates is currently working with the developer of
    The Garden Management System to market the program through major distributors. Past sales have indicated a strong interest throughout North and South America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. The developer was able to sell this program to individuals, but needed experienced sales professionals to reach the larger retail market . That's where we come in.

    About The Garden Management System

    Improve your home garden management with The Garden Management System from HMK Consultants  –  gardening software that stores horticultural information about your plants, and lets you record your plant characteristics and requirements. Keep your gardening notes in a gardening journal about each plant. Display and print your personal garden resource in a variety of different formats.

    As you learn more about your plants, you will be more able to meet their requirements. Happy plants are long–lasting plants. And with the money you save , you can buy even more plants for your garden.

    Store horticultural information, plant detail and plant images for the plants in your garden, in The Garden Management System . You can store as many plant photos as you wish, for each plant! Use the Garden Journal like a garden diary to record and report on gardening activities and progress of specific plants. Use the Garden Journal to keep track of your tasks such as fertilizing and amending the soil for an entire home garden bed. Create your personal garden resource of the plants in your garden. Reports by common name or botanical name, location, plant family and many more are available.

    Purchase The Garden Management System version 4.0 - Software Your Garden will Love : Only $30.00 CAD.

    ISBN # 0-9739085-0-5

    Buy the Garden Management System software
    Not a Paypal user? Contact us via email to arrange alternate payment options: [email protected]

    Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

    For your convenience, we provide here a list of potential sources for plant information:
    • US Department of Agriculture Plants Database
    • Plants of Northern Ontario
    • Canadian Poisonous Plant Information System
    • Hortiplex
    • FDA/CFSAN - FDA Poisonous Plants Database
    • Toronto Botanical Gardens
    • Royal Botanical Gardens (Canada)
    • Ornamental Plants database - University of Michigan

    Got a gardening question? Free of charge, Ask Helen

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    …Bringing you distinctive software from around the world.


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    Do you require a particular or special type of software program? Let us do the “leg work” for you. We will search for the software program you need. If the type of software program for your application exists we will contact the independent software developer for the details pertaining to their software program. We will then relay the information to you either by email or telephone (your choice) upon payment of the search fee of $60.00 per hour CAD. The search fee does not include the cost of the software program searched for. Contact us at: [email protected]

    Thank you for visiting the KenTec Associates website:

    …Bringing you distinctive software from around the world.


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    The information you provide when you register with us will be used only to provide you with information on our software such as the Garden Management System , or services, in accordance with your request.

    KenTec Associates will never sell or disclose any customer information, including your email address. Only appropriate KenTec Associates personnel will view your information in regards to your orders, email or account, and this information will be secured from all other personnel within our facilities, to protect your privacy.

    To request information or clarification, send email to [email protected]

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