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    Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is a brand tool from Adobe for web designers and webmasters to create websites for desktop and mobile, launch applications and develop interactive features. This application is an efficient alternative to other tools used by webmasters. Mind that CS6 products are released before 2012 and are not updated any more. Still Adobe provides technical support for these products. However no more updates or bug fixing will be available.

    What are top features of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6?

    Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is an instrument which you will need to learn and master before you get down to development of websites and applications. Adobe assists you in overcoming the learning curve providing access to educational videos and tutorials. The recordings are available at Adobe TV.

    Improved site manager – this option matters much for experienced developers who used previous versions of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. The site manager now features new look and feel, the interface has become clearer and simpler which is a great improvement for new users as Adobe products are known to be hard to comprehend for beginners. While most of the features of site manager remain the same, you will notice the ability to develop and export business catalyst sites.

    Improved grid based layouts for robust design – this option allows to create adaptive CSS layouts and adjust the websites to the screen they are viewed on. Thus you can create a single adaptive version of the website which will be properly displayed on any screen size: whether it is desktop or mobile.

    CSS transitions – a new ultimate feature to ease creation and to save time. From now on you can easily apply properties to multiple CSS layouts in one click. This eliminates mistakes and inconsistency.

    Multiple CSS class selections and applications to a single element – this allows to create more interactive elements for users.

    Development for mobile platforms – with new Phonegap feature the web developers are now able to create mobile applications in the same software. Thus you do not need other instruments, other applications and you escape switching between applications, files exporting and importing. The feature allows to use templates and layouts created for desktop websites for mobile website development.

    Though Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is not supported and updated any more, still many developers give preference to this application due to its stable performance and developing power. If you are choosing a well packed development tool supporting mobile platforms, then Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is your perfect choice. Moreover, CS6 edition is much cheaper than current CC version.

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