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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is a professional video editing tool which supports all video formats, performs as video format converter and works with all possible video resolutions including 4K. The CS6 version has got numerous updates and improvements for simpler, more comfortable and precise work. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is an optimum solution for video content creation, editing and processing. You can complete any video editing or processing task with extensive set of tools in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

    What is new in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6?

    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is heavily updated from basic tools to default user interface and added new options. The software offers a completely new workspace set by default supporting two monitors for simpler and more precise processing of video content in high resolution. A user gets much more customization setting and can tune tool and bar panel for the needs of a certain project. A user will notice a new button bar which is now possible to set basing on the needs of a user. A new pop-up menu provides direct access to most used options and tools to save time.

    Project panel has also got heavily redesigned and added with the next options:

    • clip thumbnails can be resized for simpler and more convenient look and search

    • clip thumbnails have become adjustable to use workspace more effectively

    • in thumbnails clips can be scrubbed by dragging mouse over the thumbnails. The option is called "hover scrubbing" to find in the menu.

    The version of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for iOS now supports trackpad gestures to navigate through video timeline.

    Other improvements have touched upon editing workflow. The process has become faster and more intuitively clear.

    The Multicam mode has been advanced and now you can add more than standard four camera angles for editing process. This allows to edit in a more precise way.

    In terms of Audio editing the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 version has got the next improvements:
    • redesigned Audio mixer which allows more flexible settings for audio tracks in video clips

    • improved audio meter panel which has become more accurate and precise providing more flexible settings

    • advanced audio channel functionality

    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is an optimum solution for video editing experts. The software produces video clips optimized for web performance and TV stream. The standalone version CS6 is of 2013 and is officially replaced with a newer product by Adobe (monthly payment model). However you can simply order Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (perpetual, 1 seat license) from Software Sale Store and get the official and fully supported version of the Premiere in a matter of minutes.

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