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    Microsoft Works 9 is a simplified office suite for home usage which contains only necessary tools and is deprived of business instruments which are generally used for complex business tasks. Microsoft Works 9 contains tools and instruments for text processing, table creation and editing, database management and calendar planning. Its capabilities in comparison to traditional Microsoft Office Suite are limited but is quite enough for home tasks completion. For example, spreadsheets support work only in a single tab, while traditional Office allows you to create as many tabs and new sheets within a single document. This option is very useful for business but is rarely used for home tasks.

    What are the components of Microsoft Works 9?

    Microsoft Works 9 is well organized and is easy to navigate due to clear and logic architecture. The software contains the next components:

    • the Assistant – this is a digital explorer for easy access to required options and tools, the option is of great help for new users

    • Photo Album – a simple library of pictures and photos saved by user. The component allows to create photo collections and stories. The Album allows to quickly browse the pictures and to well organize the collections.

    • Database – is a simplified tool for creation of home and personal databases, for example, list of music tracks or books. This component is much more useful for home usage. Access – a standard tool for database management from Microsoft – can be too complex and hard to comprehend for a new user. However the Database component of Microsoft Works 9 does not support SQL.

    • Text editor – this is an intermediate release which offers some more options than WordPad, but a limited number of options in comparison to traditional MS Office Word. The text editor of Microsoft Works 9 saves text files in the next formats: .wps, .doc, .docx, .html.

    • Calendar – this is an advanced calendar and time planner with a set of useful features.

    • Electronic spreadsheets
    • – this is a simplified version of standard Excel component in MS Office. It supports only one list or tab and does not support macros and Basic applications. The spreadsheet component of Microsoft Works 9 supports standard file formats for electronic tables: .xlr, .xls, .xlsx.

    Microsoft Works 9 is a perfect solution for those who do not need the extensive set of tools in standard MS Office. As the product is discontinued by Microsoft, you can buy its official version at Software Sales Store and get Microsoft Works 9 installed to your PC within minutes. The product is supported by Microsoft.

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