Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

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    Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 is a still valid solution from Microsoft for simple coordination of emails, contacts, instant messages and tasks. Though the software is discontinued officially, still Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 is available at Software Sales Store at a reasonable price. This version of Outlook is for those users, who need the application for simple tasks and will not get any advantage of newly added features.

    The Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 version features Ribbon interface which is easily searchable and clearly intuitive. A new To-Do bar ensures simple search, view and organization of email messages and dialogues, and tasks.

    Users get a chance to share their daily or monthly schedule with other users. The schedule can be available in two modes: only viewing – in this mode other users will get informed on the tasks and time, and editing mode – in this mode other users will be able to edit and set new tasks to the shared schedule.

    A user of Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 can subscribe to schedules of friends or colleagues to use working and leisure time efficiently.

    Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 features an advanced junk filer which securely protects your devices from spam and viruses spread via suspicious emails. The filter considers dozens of factors and email parameters to send a message to spam box, thus you can be sure that none of the important emails or messages will by mistake get marked as spam.

    Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 also features an advanced search option. Now every folder features a search bar in which a user is suggested to type in anything to find a necessary email, message, dialogue, task or attachment. Smart algorithms of search provide amazing accuracy of search and also suggest alternatives and possible variants to modify a search in case of fail.

    Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 is possible to install on two devices, for example, these could be PC and a smartphone to get instant access to the data whenever you need and wherever you are.

    Key features of Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

    • Simple search through arrays of information – the software easily find documents, dialogues, contacts, attachments

    • Easily rank your daily and weekly priorities in your schedule to optimize your time and efforts

    • Advanced collaboration options and tools which make it possible to use Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 as a basic CRM system

    • Lots of ways of data sorting and organization for simple access and easy search

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