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Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017

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    Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017 is a professional mechanical design software applied to create architectural, engineering, mechanical designs, simulate and visualize products. This version of the software has got additional improvements of core mechanical design instruments, advanced interoperability and streamlined communication workflows.

    Top 10 enhancements of Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017 release

    These enhancements are based upon user requests and bugs discovered by testers and average users in the course of using the software in various domains.

    1. Better viewing of interrelation of features in a single part. The options now show the upstreams and downstreams of the selected feature.

    2. Customizable charts and tables. The charts and tables can take much of useful space in the design. To avoid horizontal scrolling the tables are made customizable. You can narrow and widen a column, thus hiding and opening necessary data. If you do not need data from a certain column, you can just minimize it to free out additional space and to ease other data reading.

    3. Easy identification of part references and parameters. By clicking on a certain references it brings out available options. To ease the viewing, you can open a single part (apart from entire mechanism) or see it highlighted in the entire mechanism.

    4. Advanced control of the orientation of features when creating circular parts. Fixed settings preserve the orientation of the features, even if it moved around the selected axes.

    5. Direct access to the parts from the reference chart or part lists.

    6. Advanced mirroring operations. If you need to create multiple equal parts or patterns you can just use mirroring option and align the parts with advanced control of orientation.

    7. A new sketch driven pattern is now available.

    8. Transparent part in entire assemblies. It is now possible to make certain components transparent to improve clarity and precision of design. The option is contained in a right click menu.

    9. Partial section view selected through parts.

    10. The top innovative and most waited feature is 3D PDF creation right in Inventor design to ease the work and avoid additional steps.

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